3rd Lipidology Course

Programme on 17th August (Day 1) (Hall B)


6.00-6.15pmIntroduction to the Course Dr Madhur Yadav
6:15:6:45pmEpidemiology of ASCVD in IndiaDr Rashida Melinkari
6:45: 7:15pmTraditional risk factors for CVD and calculating CVD Risk


Dr Devaki Nair
7:15- 7:45pmLipoprotein Metabolism


Dr Bart Duell
7:45-8:00pmBiochemical investigations in assessing CVD RiskDr Devaki. Nair
 Panel Discussion
8:00-8:30pmInteractive session on using different Risk engines –Dr Devaki Nair

Dr S S Iyengar

Dr Nathan Wong

8.30pm 0nwardsDinner with Faculty

3rd Lipidology Course

Programme on 18th August (Day 2) (Hall B)


8.00am-8.30amBiochemistry and genetics of HypertriglyceridemiaDr Devaki Nair
8.30-9:00amBiochemistry and Genetics of HDLDr Anthony Wierzbicky
9.30- 10.00amScreening for AAADr  Meryl  Davis
10.00-10.30amLipoprotein (a)Dr Dermot Neely
10:30-10.45amCoffee Break
10.45-11.15amDiagnosis and management of FHDr Bart Duell
11.15-11:45pmSevere HypertriglyceridemiaDr Devaki Nair
11.45-12.15pmLipid GuidelinesDr Neil Bordoloi
12.15-12.45pmLDL-C how low should be the targetDr Dharmendra Jain
12.45-1.15pmCurrent LDL lowering therapiesDr Nathan Wong
1.15-2.15pmLUNCH BREAK 
2.15-2.45pmMetabolic & Diabetic DyslipidaemiaDr S K Wangnoo
2.45-3.15pmTriglycerides and CVDDr S N Narasingan
3.15-3.45pmStatin intoleranceDr Bart Duell
3.45-4.00pmHIV and lipidsDr Devaki Nair
4.15pm-4.45pmPADDr Meryl Davis
4.45pm-5.00pmCoffee break
5:00-5:30pmInflammatory arthritis and LipidsDr Sundeep Upadhyay
5.15pm-5.45pmStatin in Heart failureDr Vimal Mehta
5.45pm-6.15pmStatin in ACSDr Dyan Wulan Anggahini
6.15pm-6.45pmStatin in women and Elderly populationDr Abha Gupta
7.oopm onwardsMain Hall for guest lectures followed by dinner

3rd Lipidology Course

Programme on 19th August (Day 3) (Hall B)


8.00am-8.25amLower is better for LDL C or Not? Evidence from recent TrialsDr Anthony Wierzbicky
8.25am-8.50amNon-HDL Cholesterol versus Apo BDr Dermot Neely
8.50am-9.15amNew Lipid lowering Drugs can replace apheresis for homozygous FHDr Meryl Davis
9.15am-9.40amManagement of Renal artery stenosisDr Bart Duell
9.40am-10.05amStatin IntoleranceDr Anthony Wierzbicky
10.05am-10.30amTEA BREAK 
10.30am-11.00amCKD and LipidsDr Rajeev Aggarwal
11.00am-11.30amShould hsCRP, LP(a) and ApoB be included in routine lipid profileDr D Prabhakar
11.30am-11.45amLifestyle intervention in DyslipidaemiaDr Akshaya Pradhan
11.45am-12.00amHDL-C level or function: which matters?Dr Madhur Yadav
12:00-pm -12.20pmNon-Statin DrugsDr N C Krishnamani
12:20-pm -12.40pmDrugs affecting lipid metabolismDr Harmeet S Rehan
12.40-01.00pmHow to complete your portfolioDr Devaki Nair
1.30pm-2.30pmClinical case DiscussionDr S S Iyengar

Dr Devaki Nair