5th International Summit on Lipids

Programme on 18th August (Day-1)

12-1.00pmRegistration and Lunch
1.00-1.30pmOral newer anticoagulants: Indications, are they deeply underused for stroke preventionDr Mohan BhargavaDr S Ramakrishnan
Dr K. K. Saxena
Dr Rajeev Mehrotra
Dr Amit Malik
01.30-2.00pmWhich antiplatelet agents works better in ACS during acute treatment and chronic managementDr K Narasaraju
02.00-2:30pmHow to manage patient of Acute heart failure in first admissionDr Vimal MehtaDr Vijay Chopra
Dr Sandeep Seth
Dr Neeraj Bhalla
Dr Rajnish Sardana
Dr Rajeeve Rajput
02.30-3:00pmWhat after intensification of conventional treatment of heart failureDr Ashwani Mehta
03.15-3.45pmRecent CVOT with newer anti diabetic drugs: Hope or just HypeDr Ashu RastogiDr Abdul Hamid Zargar
Dr S K Wangnoo
Dr Rajesh Khadgawat
Dr G B Sattur
03.45-4.15pmIs diabetes a vascular diseaseDr Asim Siddiqui 
04.15-4.45pmEarly intensification the right start for T2DM patientsDr Neeru Gera
04.45-5.15pmShould sulfonylurea be put in waste basket in near futureDr Abhay K Sahoo
05.15-5.45pmBasal insulin plus GLP-1 receptor agonist: current prospectiveDr C. V.Harinarayan
05.45-6.15pmFGF1 a new insulin sensitizer for diabetesDr Rakesh K Sahay
06.30-7.00pmShould Coronary Chronic Total

Occlusions be treated

Dr Deepak JainDr Vipul Roy

Dr N N Khanna

Dr Sunil Modi

7.00-7.30pmNew Lipid Lowering therapyDr Devaki NairDr A Murugunathan

Dr S S Iyengar

Dr S K Gupta

7.30-8.00pmWhat is New in Hypertension-2018 Dr. Joachim Weil
8.00-8.30pmInternational hypertension guidelines and blood pressure goals: relevance to IndiaDr A Murugunathan
8.30-8.45pmEthics in Coronary InterventionDr Anil Chaturvedi
8:30 pm onward Dinner & Musical programme



5th International Summit on Lipids

Programme on 19th August (Day-2)

8.00 – 10.05amPlenary lectures


8.00-8.25amLower is better for LDL C or Not? Evidence from recent Trials


DrAnthony WiezbeckyDr S S Iyengar

Dr Devaki Nair

Dr S K Agarwal

Dr Sandeep K Mathur




8.25-8.50amNon-HDL Cholesterol versus Apo B


Dr Dermot Neely
8.50-9.15amNew Lipid lowering Drugs can replace apheresis for homozygous FHDr Bart Duell
9.15-9.40amManagement of Renal artery stenosis


Dr Meryl Davis
9.40-10.05amStatin Intolerance


Dr Anthony Wiezbecky



10.05-10.20amTEA BREAK



10.20-10.55amShould hsCRP, LP(a) and ApoB be included in routine lipid profileDr D PrabhakarDr S K Wangnoo

Dr Manish Bansal

Dr Vimal Mehta

Dr Sameer Malhotra

Dr Nimmi Kansal

10.55-11.20amDoes lowering LDL-C to as low as 30mg/dl justified in extremely high-risk group Indian patients?Dr Raman Puri


Dr A Muruganathan

Dr A H Zargar

Dr Anil Bhatt

Dr M P S Chawla

Dr Abha Gupta


11.20-11.40amNon-HDL-C update



Dr S N Narasingan
11.40-12.00amLipoprotein (a)Dr S S Lakshmanan
12.00-12.30pmPCSK-9 symposiumDr Nathan WongDr S S Iyengar

Dr Bart Duell

Dr Dermot Neely

Dr Amiya Sharma




12.30-12.45pmNon-Statin DrugsDr N C Krishnamani
12.45-1.15pmLipid GuidelinesDr Neil Bordoloi
02.00-02.20pmCKD and LipidsDr Rajeev AggarwalDr N P Singh

Dr Rahul Mehrotra

Dr Altamash Shaikh


02.20-02.50pmLifestyle intervention in DyslipidaemiaDr Akshaya Pradhan
02.50-03.10pmHDL-C level or function: which matters?Dr Madhur Yadav
03.20-03.35pmEthics in lipid managementDr Anil Chaturvedi
03.35-04.45pmFree paper presentationDr Devaki Nair

Dr Madhur Yadav

Dr H S Rehan

Dr O P Sharma

04.45-05.15pmDelhi Declaration 2018Dr H S Rehan
05.15-05.30pmVote of thanksDr O P Sharma